Xiaomi ipo sponsor Citic Securities, Goldman Sachs dan Morgan Stanley

Xiaomi smartphone vendors in this China Country is preparing to the stock market (IPO) to the public this year. Xiaomi smartphone company has chosen Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to lead Xiaomi IPO that will soon be in publication. There is some speculation that arises due to the IPO xiaomi sponsored Citic Securities, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley. One is the assumption about the company: xiaomi who want to go public in Hong Kong. Although most likely flotation could happen in New York. It could have happened. Given the market sentiment towards xiaomi.

According to the proclamation, xiaomi preached will go to IPO this year. Since then, xiaomi noted very boast of financial performance last year. Precisely in January, it has been announced that the company has pocketed profits with xiaomi proved the existence of an increase as much as 76% in the production of smart phones (smartphones). It is caused due to previous distribution channels abroad increasing. Of course, this increase will bring a positive impact to the Xiaomi Company.

Xiaomi IPO: analysis of assessment amounting to $50 Billion even doubled.

xiaomi IPO launched

The company “Chinese Apple” it will certainly be seeking a judgment against the company at least approximately $50 billion. Or it could be more than that. Can be proved by the existence of large-scale assessments done against xiaomi. The largest judgment that might occur could be just beyond the allegations of us all. Many of the estimated assessment amounting to $50 billion and will continue to increase in the next two years to 2018. Public bidding technology offered xiaomi could be world’s largest springboard in the year 2018. Could have been the biggest deals in the Xiaomi IPO could reach $100 billion. It also expected the highest price can be achieved in two years.

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If Xiaomi in IPO reaches this number, xiaomi will get ranked as the seventh-largest of six companies in the Hong Kong stock exchange.It will certainly offer a large revaluation of the company. Given the history of three years ago, boasts enough i.e. $45 billion to the company’s valuation. If compare this year’s increasing reach $50 billion.

# Xiaomi does not comment on speculation about the upcoming IPO.

Very confident, xiaomi continued to come forward without fear of being defeated by the other smartphone company. Although in the previous year the stocks of significant final xiaomi. Never reach a value of $46 billion, while funding in the year 2014. Evaluation of company xiaomi for this year is not impossible values of $100 billion will be impregnable. It is estimated by many stock buyers especially bankers.

# A buoy by Xiaomi in IPO

In the process, smart smartphone makers will add more Bank IPOS. It has been reported by that well-known banks such as Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, and two Chinese Bank will get nowhere as a global coordinator together for the IPO. Hong Kong will most likely be a heading of the anticipated Chinese technology. List of companies that are expected to include insurance group Ping An, and also Lufax.

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