How to buy Xiaomi stock before IPO ?

The appearance of shocking news about Xiaomi IPO on the bloomberg site. The investors’ reaction came to the surface. The question arises whether the xiaomi will indeed go public or not.? Another question if it is going public, how to buy xiaomi stock before IPO ? Not many people know the real answer.

For news about the Xiaomi IPO broadcast by bloomberg can not be known about its realities. It may be true or it may just be a mere wish. Yes indeed this situation is quite stressful, but xiaomi reluctant to comment on it. The sure thing is, the new xiaomi stock is piloted for domestic. But there is nothing wrong if we prepare for the emergence of ipo xiaomi this year. How do we anticipate the Xiaomi IPO ?, What should be prepared for it?

How to anticipate Xiaomi IPO and start preparing to invest in xiaomi stock

During the waiting period, waiting for the certainty of Xiaomi IPO, we should be prepared before the news is true. One of the things we need to prepare is capital. At least,  if we have a small capital but want to buy xiaomi stock, we must explore the stock market of other chinese products. In addition, start to invest in shares that have gone public, while raising capital to invest in xiaomi china smartphone company.

To anticipate xiaomi ipo, the xiaomi stock that can be traded abroad, we must follow updated news and wait for comment from xiaomi company side. Also do not forget to see the effect of the Xiaomi IPO being traded now in the domestic market. Always look at the latest xiaomi stock prices, so we can deduce xiaomi ipo will benefit us or even harm us as an investor.

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How to buy Xiaomi stock before IPO?

Attitude before doing something that has high risk is important. When we know how to anticipate if you want to invest in Xiaomi Shares, then we learn how to buy xiaomi stock before IPO even though we are abroad. One effective way to buy xiaomi stocks is by becoming an accredited investor. let’s first learn what an accredited investor is and how to become an accredited investor.

Become an accredited investor to invest in a private company

How to buy Xiaomi stock before IPO
Become Xiaomi Investor

We need to know that xiaomi has now become a private company and owned by individuals. So there is a need for special conditions to invest in group xiaomi. For now, some mainstream investors are already invest in Xiaomi Company. Some of the top investors who have already invested are like Morningside Group, Qiming Venture Partners, and IDG Capital Partners. If we want to be like them, we should become an accredited investor first.

The only way that allows today to gain exposure to xiaomi companies is through a public company like Qualcomm (Nasdaq: Qcom). Qualcomm has invested their funds in large amounts in 2011. But it is not impossible that some other chip companies have a larger stake in Xiaomi.

How to become an Accredited investor

As explained above, to be able to invest in a private company, we must qualify as an “accredited investor” in reference to SEC regulations. If we are able to maintain an annual income of about $ 200,000 on the stock exchange for two years, or have a wealth of more than $ 1 million, then qualify as an “accredited investor”. The status of accredited investors allows us to buy secondary stocks such as NASDAQ (NASDAQ: NDAQ), SHARE POST, QUALCOMM (NASDAQ: QCOM). But stock buying and selling will happen if one of the investors sells their shares. Will be charged a considerable amount about 5% of the transaction value.

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Questions arising from the spread of news xiaomi will go public quite reasonable. Considering one of the Chinese smartphone company is just beginning to develop its wings in the field of technology. The number of investors who want to buy xiaomi stock before IPO so they want to know how to buy xiaomi stock for now. But know that in this year not necessarily xiaomi stock can be sold abroad. As a non-domestic investor, there is only one way to become an accredited investor.

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